Brighton Royalty

For their third and final night at London’s Alexandra Palace, Royal Blood made sure to close it off with a bang. The Brighton based two piece have been touring Europe to promote their second album “How Did We Get So Dark?” and due to support Queens of the Stone Age on their North America tour.


The grand venue was packed to the brim with teens, men in their 20’s and towards the middle, the old rockers. The night was opened by the mellow rock band Black Honey before At The Drive In stormed the stage with their heavy metal.


At the time the band came out, I had managed a good spot by the front of the stage but soon realised the mistake. From the first hit of the drum by Ben Thatcher, mosh pits were open for business and I soon moved towards the old rockers in the middle.

Since their first album, the band have expanded their two piece act of a drum kit for Ben and a mix of guitar and bass for singer Mike Kerr but they pulled out extra pieces for this tour. With the additional female backing singers and a keyboard (also played by Kerr), the stage was full.

The stage was beyond impressive. The diamond screen that hung above the stage moved from the ceiling to hanging up behind their heads to covering the top of the lights so the band were enclosed and forced to play. The bright lights and spotlight on Kerr made me constantly look at them instead of being silly and jumping into a mosh (although was tempted when Loose Change was belted out).

The perfect mix of their debut album, their song for US TV show Vintage (Where Are You Now?) and their new tracks brought the venue to life and people surely had a headache the next day from all the headbanging. Make sure you bring a neck brace if you have the opportunity to see them.



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