What is the best album of 2017 so far?

With less than 2 months left of 2017, it’s time to judge which album has stayed in everyone’s Spotify playlists. Statistically, Ed Sheeran’s third album, ÷, is still the biggest selling album of the year with all twelve tracks entering the singles chart upon release and Sheeran headlined the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury but does that mean his album is actually the best of the year?

My contenders include; Kendrick Lamar with DAMN, Dua Lipa, Foo Fighters with Concrete and Gold, Harry Styles and Stormzy with Gangs Signs and Prayer. This albums are considered the best of the year just because of the fan reactions including albums sales sold out tours.

In regards to the album sales across the world, Kendrick Lamar’s fourth album, DAMN, is the best selling album out of the ones I’ve chosen to contend. The album was awarded Gold in five countries and double Platinum in the US making him an obvious contender for the upcoming Grammy Awards.

However, when it comes to the tours, Dua Lipa is by far the busiest to promote her music. She has currently finished her European tour with every show being sold out. With her self titled album, her tour will end with 1,496 shows in total with another UK tour in the Spring 2018.

So out of the two that either have the best selling album versus the most toured album, which is the best? You can vote here.

In my opinion, I enjoy both albums but since their release, Kendrick Lamar makes an occasional visit to my playlist whereas Dua Lipa’s hits like New Rules, IDGAF and Blow Your Mind (Mwah) haven’t left.

If you disagree or agree with any of this, make yourself know in the comments below.



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