Sound of the summer: Haim

After Haim’s first album, Days Are Gone, the three sisters are back with Something To Tell You and it has 11 stunning songs to listen to.

Este, Danielle and Alana Haim cancelled several of their festival appearances last year, including Reading and Leeds Festival but I’m not bitter, stating that they’re going to finish their second studio album. With a 4 year gap between each album, fans were craving STTY.

The lyrics are so raw on this album with songs like You Never Knew and Night So Long. The lyrics are relatable, mixing heartbreak with finding new love. The lead single Want You Back gave fans a taste of what the expect for the other 10 tracks and fans weren’t disappointed.

So out of all the albums being released this summer, how is this one going to be “The Sound of the Summer”? Simple answer: the feel good album, jam packed with slick guitar14-06-09_RiP_Haim_Alana_Haim riffs and funky beats will be the perfect album to play during a BBQ or pool party. They’ll bring their Californian vibes straight to your trip to the seaside.

The best part of this album has to be the harmonies that these three women have. Listen to any song on the album and their harmonies will be spot on, especially in Something To Tell You (the track but also the whole album). Since Days Are Gone, their voices have melted together perfectly and Alana’s softer voice during Want You Back is what made me buy the album.

Whether you’re a Fleetwood Mac fan (although they dislike the comparison, why?) or into more contemporary pop music then Haim are the ladies for you, definitely watch their set at Glastonbury 2017 to be sold on the whole idea.






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