Mancunians help save Arianators

In light of the tragic events that took place at Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman Tour in Manchester, the locals have come out in strong force to help the “Arianators” reach safety and get in contact with loved ones.

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After Ariana Grande finished her show at 10:30pm on the 22nd of May, a loud explosion killed 25 people and injured 59 more. Most of the fans at the show were children and teenagers. So far, the two victims that have been named were under the age of 20. However, the people of Manchester are doing whatever they can to relocate missing people and even give a charger to someone who cannot phone home.

Premier Inn and Holiday Inn have reportedly taken in 50 people from the gig to give them safety and comfort. Taxi drivers are offering free lifts home to those without money. All campaigning for the General Election has been postponed for the time being to give people time to grieve and not to have the news flooded with campaigning.

Blood banks are having to turn people away after an overwhelming amount of people turned up to donate blood to help those that are injured. Restaurants and pizza delivery services are sending out free food to the public services that are giving all they’ve got to protect everyone and a Rabbi is going to every police officer to offer a cup of tea. Reports tell a story of a homeless man cradling a dying woman in his arms.
Musicians and celebrities have all tweeted their condolences to those whose lives were lost and those who were injured. Many stated; “No one should go to a concert and not come home”.
If you’re trying to locate someone who attended the concert, phone: 0161 8569 400

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