The Man with Style

Former One Direction member (is it former or are they still a thing?), Harry Styles dropped his debut self-titled solo album on the 12th of May and his face has been everywhere. But Mr Styles isn’t the only One Direction member to release new music so why could he be the most successful? 

For six years, Harry Styles , along with Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, plus the one that left after five years, Zayn Malik, were part of the biggest boyband in the world since The Beatles era. Girls and boys everywhere went insane for these five British boys but Harry Styles seemed to have the most potential.

relevant to the 19/05/17

So far, Zayn Malik, Mind of Mine, has released an album that received gold from the US, silver from the UK and reached number 1 in 7 countries. Niall Horan released his debut track This Town which didn’t do quite as well as Zayn’s album, peaking at 2 in Scotland. Louis Tomlinson also released a collaborative track with DJ Steve Aoki Just Hold On which peaked at number 2 in the UK. It was also given platinum in 4 countries.

Onto Mr Styles, his debut single, Sign Of The Times, reached number 1 in five countries and has already been awarded silver and gold in two countries, despite only being released on the 7th of April this year. As the 14th of May, his album reached number 1 in 84 countries so the facts say a lot. So this is where I start my argument that he is going to be the best at going in another direction. Get it?


When One Direction took their “hiatus”, many fans expected them to take a break from music. Harry Styles took a completely different path to become an actor. Starring in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk alongside Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy. Fans were distraught at the fact that the forever flowing haired Harry Styles had to cut his long locks off to play the part of an army solider but I see it as him cutting away his One Direction image.

Then, on the 12th of May, he released his debut single, proving that the One Direction “hiatus” is going to be longer than fans expected. The album is so different from what One Direction used to be with atmospheric harmonies in Meet Me In The Hallway (which is the best song on the album, 10/10) and David Bowie-esque rock tracks like Woman and Only Angel. There’s even a track about his relationship with Ms Taylor Swift called Two Ghosts (also a massive track, 9/10).

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I think there’s something important about his fashion sense too that shows not only his voice off but his actual self. Men are constantly wearing the same black/blue/grey suits but Styles changes it up, wearing mustard yellow trousers on The One Show and a bubblegum pink suit on the Today Show. His style is important because women are judged on what they wear on talk shows and performances but Harry Styles seems to be one of the only men to also get judged too. It proves that he’s different.

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Styles has been parading around the UK, France and America to promote his album and by all accounts, seems very pleased with what he created. On BBC’s The One Show, Styles said: “I’ve been very overwhelmed by everything and I’m very happy”. Still, there’s probably still a certain embarrassment of liking a former member of a boyband but look at Justin Timberlake… Maybe the 55% need to give him a test run.

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