Music of 2017: Jan-Apr

Plenty of albums and singles have already been released this year but here’s a review of the have had the biggest impact on either the music industry or the fans. Please note that these are the opinions of someone with barely any music knowledge so if you disagree, fight me in the comments.

9468726822_30550d4185_bThe most recent release was the fourth studio album for rapper Kendrick Lamar. DAMN. was released on the 14th of April and has already been a huge success with fans.

Best song: I haven’t decided this yet because I’m currently obsessed with DNA, Element, Love and Lust so it’s definitely between them.

Why?: Each song has a different element that I enjoy whether is the fast paced rapping in DNA, the funkiness of Element, Zacari’s soothing voice on Love or the sensual lyrics to Lust.

Worst song: There isn’t one??

Rate out of 5: *****


Believer is the first single released from Imagine Dragons third studio album. No title for the album has been released but Believer was released on the 31st of January this year and is still popular in my heart. The song gives fans big hopes for the new album with the fresh sound.

Rate out of 5: ****


After the popularity of One Direction, Harry Styles has now come out with his first solo album Harry StylesMr Styles is definitely my guilty pleasure as I was once a teenage girl during his prime years. Sign of the Times is the lead single as well as performing Ever Since New York on Saturday Night Live, Stylists (please let that be their name) will have to wait until the 12th of May to hear anymore. Sign of the Times proves that Harry Styles has a strong enough voice to stand on his own with this huge power ballad that he performed immaculately on SNL.

Rate out of 5: ****


After never listening to Stormzy before, apart from the obvious club or pres play of Shut Up, I decided to listen to his debut album Gang Signs and Prayer when it was released on the 24th of February and it was a great decision. You don’t even need to be into grime to appreciate how genius this album is.

Best song: Cigarettes & Kush ft Kehlani.

Why?: I like plenty of the songs on this album that would be perfect for a night out but this song is my favourite to chill to.

Worst song: Again, can’t choose one but mostly because I haven’t listened to it enough.

Rate out of 5: ***


Ed Sheeran was back once again with his third album following the numerical theme called ÷ that came out on the 3rd of March. With all 16 tracks in the top 20, this album needed reviewing. From dance floor and rap tracks like Shape of You and Eraser to heartfelt acoustic songs like Happier and Supermarket Flowers, prepare yourself for a whole load of emotions.

Best song: What Do I Know? and Perfect.

Why?: One makes me super happy and the other is perfect, I’ll let you decide which songs fit the descriptions.

Worst song: Galway Girl and Nancy Mulligan.

Why?: Don’t know why but just not a fan of the Irish infused songs, unpopular opinion too.



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