Actors who can also hold a tune

Myself and fellow University of Brighton student, Ross Moloney, started our own student radio show called “Whatever” (listen to us on Mondays at 5pm on Buzz Radio) and this week, we played songs that featured a famous actor singing/playing an instrument! Here’s a list of the songs we played!

  1. Thirty Seconds To Mars – The Kill

Here is Jared Leto (The Joker in Suicide Squad) with his band that includes his brother Shannon Leto and Tomo Miličević (there was another member too as you can see in this video; Matt Wachter).

2.  Childish Gambino ft Jaden Smith – Pop Thieves

Childish Gambino is not an actor but Donald Glover is and if you know anything about anything, they’re the same person! Donald Glover has been in shows like Community and his upcoming film is a Star Wars spin off so he’s a pretty big deal. Plus Jaden Smith acts some too.

3.  David Bowie – Magic Dance

Does this need any explanation?

4. Dead Man’s Bones – In The Room Where You Sleep

Ryan Gosling shot to fame when he starred in The Notebook and was Oscar nominated for the movie musical ‘La La Land’ but here he is doing his own thing in his band with Zach Shields.

5. Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day

Famous for his dope rhymes with NWA, Ice Cube released his own music but now stars in movies like Fist Fight with Charlie Day and Ride Along with Kevin Hart so he must be pretty funny as well as “dope”.

6. Phantom Planet – California

Okay so this one isn’t so much about the singer but drummer Jason Schwartzman!

7. Robert Downey Jr – Every Breath You Take

Again.. There’s no explanation needed for this beautiful man. Just listen.

8. Seth MacFarlane – Come Fly With Me

Family Guy and American Dad creator also has a voice too. When Seth isn’t making movies such as Ted and A Million Ways To Die In The West, he’s crooning it out on the stage.

9. She & Him – Stay Awhile

Zooey Deschanel teams up Matthew Ward for this beautiful band that also croons it out on stage. Deschanel is famous for movie hits like (500) Days of Summer and Yes Man!

10. Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers – Jubilation Day

No idea what possessed Steve Martin into picking up a banjo but it somehow works…

11. Tenacious D – Tribute

No explanation needed. Apart from, Dave Grohl is clearly an actor too for his role as the devil. Oscar anyone?

12. Brie Larson – The Clash At Demonhead

Academy Award Winner Brie Larson didn’t always just stay in a room! Here she is performing in Scott Pilgrim vs The World!

13. Will Smith – Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It



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