The Weeknd: Starboy Review

Abél Tesfaye, but best known as The Weeknd, released his second album, Starboy on the 23rd of November 2016. Following his first album, Beauty Behind the Madness, The Weeknd seems to have not only changed up his hairstyle, but his persona also.

I. Starboy ft. Daft Punk: The title song showcased “Starboy” to the world and began the new era of shorter hair, catchier tunes and proved that this album will be different from the first. The lyric that sums up the song, “You talking bout me I don’t see your shade”. ****

II. Party Monster: The start of the many dance anthems, Party Monster unleashes a beast to the audience with repetitive hooks and can relate to the target audience of men who have been wronged by women, “Had to check the safe, check the dresser for my chains”. ***

III. False Alarm: The second single from the album is hectic and the famous music video fits it well. Although the music video is groundbreaking (but some might say similar to Logic’s video for Under Pressure). Definitely would recommend not showing this song to kids with lyrics like, “Six inch long, bout three inch wide, she loves“, but listen to it. ***

IV. Reminder: The flow from False Alarm to Reminder is perfection and Abél definitely makes you feel like he could protect you but maybe sometimes too much. This album definitely has some RnB tracks but Reminder doesn’t think so, “All these RnB n—-s be so lame“. ****

V. Rockin’: Straight away, this song is quintessential 90’s RnB, contrary to believe from the title of this track. The key changes in Abél’s voice are beyond this world and makes me want/need to see this song live. ****

VI. Secrets: The first obvious love song on the album, the verses are the high point, as well as the breakdown for the bridge. It really gets the vibes flowing. The song was also featured at the end of a 12 minute video, called M A N I A,  to promote the album, with the credits playing over it. Don’t forget to, “wipe the lust from your eyes“. *****

VII. True Colors: This slower paced love song is arguably a lot like classic Michael Jackson, whether it’s the beat or Abél’s voice. The low bass gradually builds to keep you hooked to the tune. ***

VIII. Stargirl Interlude ft. Lana Del Rey: If you’re not a fan of Lana Del Rey, you probably won’t like this song as she sings the main parts with strange lyrics such as, “my back arched like a cat, my position couldn’t stop you were hitting it“. The contrast between the two vocal pitches of the singers is crazy, especially when they swap keys. ***

IX. Sidewalks ft. Kendrick Lamar: The best song on the album has to go to Sidewalks. Fans of Kendrick Lamar will be pleased to hear his spin on the Starboy sound but keeps to his own style at the same time. Genius lyric coming from Kendrick, “twenty legs, arms, head, head… Head, Head, more head head“. *****

X. Six Feet Under: From the previous album, Six Feet Under almost sounds like a sequel to The Hills. Instead of the man running the relationship, this song shows the woman getting her way by basically “killing” her man and taking all of his money, “she ain’t got time for lovin’… Louis Vuitton her husband“. *****

XI. Love to Lay: Some strange vibes come off from this album in my opinion, was definitely getting a mix of noughties pop mixed with rock band, Foreigner. However, the track becomes more current when the beat drops. ****

XII. A Lonely Night: Dancing is very likely to occur to this disco song, sending off those Michael Jackson pitches at the same time. Talk about time travel to the 80s! Although, the lyrics are probably pointing towards a one night stand, “baby girl I loved you on a lonely night“. ***

XIII. Attention: The first real break up song on the album, giving men the chance to dump their women which people will probably think Abél is slamming his now ex and

supermodel, Bella Hadid. “What do you expect now? Only thing left is the sex now”. ****

XIV. Ordinary Life: Sadly, this is not my favourite on the album. The heavy bass beat gets to your mind after a while and shouldn’t be listened to sober. The song will be absolutely perfect in a club whilst intoxicated. Although, after reading the lyrics, this song would be awesome with a better beat, “I can feel her teeth when I drive on a bump“. **

XV. Nothing Without You: If you’re a fan of love and Stranger Things, this song is perfect for you. The beat is similar to the show’s theme but not as catchy. The bridge to the song is stunning as the beat almost drops completely and Abél is joined by an acoustic guitar and it completely saves the song. ***

XVI. All I Know ft. Future: If you’re waiting for the drop in this song, it won’t come, sadly, and you would think you have missed Future completely with the huge break before his solo. *

XVII. Die For You ft Daft Punk: This song might not mean to be “sexy” but the beat and his beautifully perfect voice, you could definitely be cheeky to this song (so gross). Best lyric to match the vibe I get from this song, “I’m finding ways to manipulate the feelin’ you’re goin’ through“. ****

XVIII. I Feel It Coming ft. Daft Punk: Compared to Daft Punk’s recent hits, I Feel It Coming is bound to be a huge hit with (if it’s still a thing) disco beats the whole way through. Shame we couldn’t hear Daft Punk’s beautiful voices for the last song but I’ll settle for Abél’s instead!  ****

Overall, this is an album that you could play the whole way through for a party and people will be dancing the whole through, even if the song isn’t suppose to be danced to. If every album this man does in completely different to the previous one but is obviously a sequel, then we have a future legend on the music scene. Well done, The Weeknd!



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