I’m a slave to punk rock: Gig Review

Slaves started their biggest UK tour yet in Bexhill on the 10th of November, the closest venue to their hometown of Tunbridge Wells. The punk duo stunned the teenage to mid-fifties crowd with a mix of heavy, no nonsense rock hits and their “mellow” tracks.

Before the gig started at the De La Warr Pavilion, the audience was “treated” with 2 supports acts called Life and Shame whilst singer and drummer of Slaves, Isaac Holman, watched on from the sidelines. When the second act, Life, announced they were performing a song about Donald Trump, the crowd erupted into chanting “F**k Donald Trump! F**k Donald Trump!”.

Laurie Vincent tears it up

From the front of the crowd, I was able to get an unfiltered view of the band and between 5 University of Brighton students, we were able to create a wall on the barrier that would even please Donald Trump. No matter how many people tried to squeeze through us, calling us obscene things because we wouldn’t let them, we were not going to get our view of Isaac Holman and Laurie Vincent be ruined. The band played a mix of songs from all of their albums, especially their new one, Take Control. The crowd chanted for them to perform their cover of Skepta’s “Shutdown” but Laurie Vincent, the guitarist and backing vocals, shut them down. Mosh pits were expected from a punk gig and mosh pits are what we got but as we were at the front, it was near impossible to join in. However, there were other ways we could join in with Isaac serenading me with “Steer Clear” and another student yelling “White Knuckle Ride” lyrics with Laurie.

The crowd really made the gig “punk” when Slaves performed “Cheer Up London” and two

Get down, Isaac!

of us were nearly knocked out by unexpected crowd surfers coming over our heads to be pulled into the pit in front of the stage by the muscular and too tall to see over security guards. The band were unstoppable as they switch up their instruments from drums, a guitar, a bass and a synthesizer, climbed up onto speakers and the crowd, Laurie’s dancing as he played the bass and the best friend’s interactions with each other which included a peck on the cheek from Laurie to Isaac which was a sweet moment. Speaking to fellow UoB student, Ross Moloney, he said that the band “were so lit”. Having both seen them previously this year at Reading Festival, this was the first time we heard most of the songs from the new album live. The new music is even more funkier, lively and our throats will be sore for at least a week from yelling along with Isaac.

Slaves are continuing their tour around the UK, finishing in London next month. Try and catch them before they get too famous!

For a review on Spring King’s Brighton gig: joelymcewan.wordpress.com/2016/11/01/spring-king-gig-review/




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