Kings of the Stage

14922932_10211152860280117_1495305731_oEntering the hidden venue of Brighton’s Concorde 2, you immediately find yourself in a bar with a sweet view of the support act already on stage. Get Inuit and Kagoule were the support acts for that show and each brought their own vibes to the crowd. Onto the main act, I recently saw Spring King at Reading and to be honest, it was the first time I had even heard of them but I had such a good time just dancing/moshing around to them. After the dust from mosh pits had finally removed itself from my system, I listened to Spring King and decided I needed to them again so bought myself a ticket.

Peter Darlington (guitar, vocals)

After having a tiring day, I knew I wasn’t going to up to mosh this time around so we found a good view next to a pillar that seemed to be the prime spot for the golden oldies too. Tarek, James, Peter and Andrew entered the stage right on time to roars from young men and cheers from mainly underage girls. By the second song, the band decided to play my favourite song, ‘Detroit’, from their debut album, ‘Tell Me If You Like To’. At this point, I was super hyped but so was the man behind me who decided that he wanted to hold his leather

Tarek Musa (vocals, drums)

jacket in his hands and whack it against my legs every time Tarek’s foot hit the drum pedal which would’ve been solved if he wasn’t completely off his head and realised what he was doing. I wasn’t going to let that stop me from enjoying the music though.

The place is going wild for this band that seem to be at the start of their breakthrough. With an entire floor cleared so that a mosh pit circle could be made, the humble look on the bands faces says that they didn’t think they could make this small venue come alive. Now, I’m not going to lie, I was mainly focused on the

James Claremont (bass, vocals), Andrew Mortin (guitar, vocals)

bassist, James Claremont all night because he’s so energetic on the stage and also so pretty (personal opinion). Peter Darlington also tore up the stage with his guitar and Andrew Morton kept it chill but ripped everyone to shreds with his “11 guitar solos”, as James pointed out. Each song brought the crowd a bit more to life and when they closed with ‘Rectifier, it seemed like everyone experienced a possession as it was hard to stand in one spot for a while. Everyone was dancing, including the golden oldies and the crowd was shouting the words back to the band. Leaving the gig, I felt speechless at how this band, who I hadn’t even heard of two month prior, could still shock me with how raw their live performances are and how uplifting they are.


Spring King’s album, Tell Me If You Like To, is out now 

more music news/reviews on: livingunderarockt


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